Stillness In Motion

Something I always look for in an image is a sense of ‘stillness in motion’. The best models know how to evoke emotion, and a sense of movement, without doing much. An effortlessness, a gesture.

This is often seen in old master paintings, timeless images which never cease to inspire me. A frozen moment of magic. Faces that look modern and ancient at the same time.

‘Ophelia’, by John Everett Millais

One of my favorite images of all time is Da Vinci’s ‘Lady With an Ermine’. The exaggerated size of her hand. The way she’s illuminated, with a sense of mystery and other-worldliness. The incredible fashion she’s wearing. Mixed with a touch of sci-fi and Blade Runner, this image below is my homage to the great master.

‘Lady With an Ermine’ by Leonardo Da Vinci